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More than Outsourcing & Consultancy

We offer more than just outsourcing and consultancy: you can contact us for projects, advice, staffing solutions, training and so much more...

We can count on the expertise of the large and specialized IT community of ACA IT-Solutions!


We are the helping hand that you're looking for with regard to your IT outsourcing and consultancy.


We offer a personal approach which fits all specific requirements of our clients!


Advice & Support

IT MATCH offers expert advice and support to businesses and freelancers from screening tools and evaluations to legal knowledge.

The Perfect MATCH

We want to create the perfect match between a company and a freelancer, based on their specific needs. Establishing an ideal collaboration is our goal!

Development & Knowledge

Besides finding outsourcing projects, IT MATCH also enables employees and freelancers to develop their skills and improve their knowledge through trainings and courses.

Long-Term Partnerships

We are interested in long-term partnerships with our clients and freelancers. A collaboration doesn't just end for us after the project!

Experiences from our Clients & Freelancers

Find out how our clients and freelancers experience their collaboration with IT MATCH and each other!

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