2 JUNE 2017
Taking a look inside an office of the ACA Group and IT MATCH?

Always wondered what our head office looks like on the inside? Or just curious about how we work here? It doesn't really matter... We would like to invite you to take a (virtual) look inside our office anyway!

The headquarters of the ACA Group in Hasselt is the place where you can often find IT MATCH. But there are also 3 other offices in Olen, Ghent and Brussels.

Hasselt is therefore one of the software factories where the software projects of the ACA Group are established under the supervision of the agile methodology. Multiple business units or pods of ACA, such as Mobile, Amplifly, COIN, Collectiv and Opsklaar, work on various large and innovative projects on this location. Some examples are VAB FS, Jessa Hospital, ... !

So take your chance and look inside our office in Hasselt through the virtual reality walkthrough on Google!

13 JULY 2018
Lost in Content, a new event by ACA!

Register now for this exclusive event that will give you unique insights into content!

29 JUNE 2018
We wish you a great and sunny holiday!

And don't forget: IT MATCH is on standby for all your questions the entire summer!

15 JUNE 2018
ACA is committed to the GDPR

At ACA IT-Solutions, we are fully committed to the privacy and security of your data!

31 MAY 2018
IT MATCH is growing!

IT MATCH is able to count on a new team member to strengthen their business!

24 JANUARY 2018
Your Freelance Guide to 2018: a fun and informative event!

On January 23, 2018 IT MATCH and ACA IT-Solutions organized an interesting event on GDPR, gamestorming and UX.

29 NOVEMBER 2017
New IT MATCH case: firsthand experience from freelancer Gerrie Kimpen

Case study in which one of our freelancers recounts his experiences

21 NOVEMBER 2017
IT MATCH blog: 3 great marketing ideas for freelancers during the holiday season

Some fun, but easy ideas to keep in touch with your contacts during the holidays

25 AUGUST 2017
IT MATCH blog: 6 things freelancers can do for a stress free vacation!

Going on a holiday is always a good idea! But for freelancers, it might require a bit of preparation...

28 JULY 2017
Looking for a new project this summer?

Also at this moment, IT MATCH has some interesting jobs & projects available!

14 JULY 2017
What? A podular organization?

How IT MATCH is related to ACA IT-Solutions

16 JUNE 2017
Successful IT freelancer seminar in Ghent

"Arm yourself agains the future" was a major success!

2 JUNE 2017
Taking a look inside an office of the ACA Group and IT MATCH?

Take a virtual walk through our head office in Hasselt & learn more about our factory model

8 MAY 2017
Welcome Wing & Stephanie!

2 new team members for IT MATCH!

21 APRIL 2017
IT MATCH blog: 10 personality traits for successful IT freelancers

The topic of our newest blog? Personality traits that freelancers in the IT sector need to become successful.

10 MARCH 2017
Technical screening at Wolters Kluwer

Discover our IT MATCH case study: how we helped Wolters Kluwer with their technical screening.

27 FEBRUARY 2017
Freelancer in the spotlight!

Freelancer Peter Gevaerts in the spotlight at BNP Paribas!

14 FEBRUARY 2017
Happy Valentine's Day!

A perfect match is important both in love and IT!

27 JANUARY 2017
IT Match newsletter

IT Match's newsletter for January is coming soon! Do you want to receive it too?

17 JANUARY 2017
IT Match is looking for a new Recruiter!

We are looking for a Recruitment Specialist to join our IT Match team!

24 NOVEMBER 2016
Download: Real Estate Finance for freelancers

Last Tuesday, we organized a real estate finance event for freelancers. We would like to share the presentation with you, but we would also like to give you the opportunity to ask questions about the subject. So don't hesitate to contact us for any questions!

22 AUGUST 2016
New IT MATCH website

The IT MATCH team is happy to present its brand new website to you!

21 AUGUST 2016
Future IT MATCH event

At the end of 2016, IT MATCH is planning on organizing a new event! This time the topics will be real estate financing and branding as a freelancer!

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