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IT MATCH for your Company

Are you looking for an outsourcing & selectionpartner? Our IT MATCH team will find the perfect IT professional, based on your company's specific needs. Or do you need a partner for the screenings of the soft & hard skills of your (future) IT professionals? We offer the ideal solution customized to your particular situation!

Outsourcing & Consultancy

IT MATCH creates the perfect match between your company and IT professionals. We take your needs into account and place the best suitable person on your project, whether it is a freelancer or an employee of the ACA Group or a third party!

Selection of IT Professionals

We only propose the best candidates to your company, so you can be sure that you contract qualitative IT professionals. Our selection services therefore include the whole package:

  • searching applicants
  • screenings
  • contract negotiations
  • ...

Specialized screenings

The IT MATCH team has much experience with the screenings of both soft & hard skills (e.g. Insights Discovery). We don't only screen your IT professionals, but we also offer personalized advice based on the results. By always keeping team composition in mind, we help you along.

HR Consultancy

IT MATCH offers HR consultancy customized to your company. Our team likes to help you with all your questions about

  • staffing
  • trainings
  • coaching
  • evaluations
  • ...

IT MATCH for Job Applicants

Are you looking for a permanent job in the IT world? IT MATCH has years of experience with matching companies and IT professionals within this sector.Our screening will make sure that our client and you fit together.

A Perfect Job for You

Belgian companies in the IT sector are always looking for new employees. Don't hesitate to contact us, if one of these vacancies appears to be a perfect job for you! We will soon find out if your skills and expectations match with what our client has in mind.

In-Depth Screenings

By means of an in-depth screening of your soft & hard skills, IT MATCH discovers your strengths on a professional level. This way we can be sure that your profile matches the vacancy of our client. 

Guidance in Your New Job

IT MATCH loves to provide employees with the necessary guidance in their new job. After filling a vacancy, we will already set the right foundations for your collaboration with your new employer (on personal, contractual and practical matters). Therefore, we also act as a contact point for all your questions about your new job at the client's company.  

Experts in IT & HR

Because of our connection to the ACA Group, we are sure that our technical expertise stays up-to-date in all areas. However, our sourcing specialists also keep following the changing laws & trends in HR, so we can answer all questions of employees and job applicants about these matters.

IT MATCH for Freelancers

Are you an IT freelancer looking for a project or advice on freelance topics? IT MATCH is the ideal partner for you! Our biggest advantage is that we strongly commit to a personal approach and a close follow-up of you and your project.

A Perfect Match

Found an interesting vacancy for a project at our website? Don't hesitate to contact us! IT MATCH will find out if this project perfectly fits your skills & personal wishes as an IT freelancer. We make sure that someone's got your back!

Personal Approach

Who are you? Who is IT MATCH? And how can we help each other along? Together we will build a partnership that's valuable to both of us. Just an example: we don't only organize technical events, meet-ups and hackathons, but also fun activities for all IT MATCH freelancers.

Close Follow-up

Your progress within a project & your satisfaction at the client is very important to us. That's why we provide close follow-up and give you, in your function as IT freelancer, personalized advice.

Freelance Advice from Experts

IT MATCH functions as a contact point for freelancers in the Belgian IT world. Because of our expertise, an IT freelancer can come to us for advice on all freelance topics & IT projects.

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